Moogsoft Inc, recently acquired by Dell Technologies, is an AIOps solution and AI-driven observability leader that provides intelligent monitoring solutions for smart DevOps.

I worked directly with this company as their Director of Creative & Web and transformed their brand.

In this role, I led Creative and Web Development teams, completed a full website redesign and streamlined their strategy with data-rich insights and improved adoption of the brand internally and externally.


  • Director of Creative & Web
  • Web Redesign, Management & Backend Optimization (including SEO)
  • Brand Identity Refinement
  • Analytics Optimization and transition to GA4
  • Lead Generation
  • SEO Optimization
  • Social Media Feed Curation
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Paid Media Creation
  • Swag Management


When I joined Moogsoft, they suffered from a common problem a lot of startups face – assets all over the place, splotchy adoption of brand assets and collateral, poor reporting, and a haphazard web experience. In the ~2 years I spent at the company, I transformed their creative operations. Notable highlights include:

  • Designed and Implemented a Full Web Redesign, including a modern design system, reusable components and a drag-and-drop theme that is easy to update for non-technical collaborators
  • Created inventoried & accessible resource and asset libraries
  • Increased internal and external adoption of brand though a new Internal Brand Kit that included backgrounds, figures, technical diagrams, presentations, templates, etc.
  • Rebuilt brand guidelines to include more consistent iconography, colors and modern applications
  • Redesigned Social Media platforms to meet brand guidelines


As part of efforts to reinvigorate Moogsoft’s brand, I proposed and implemented a full web redesign with developer Angela Zhou for their main site. I created a design system for the site that worked across web, landing page and email, and we implemented a new theme with accessibility in mind.

The new site emphasizes interlinks, usability, and standardized elements.

Since the Marketing team needed to make updates to the site without much notice, we also utilized a simple drag-and-drop block format with pre-created pieces so that a non-technical user could update the site in a straightforward, brand-consistent manner.

  • Web Redesign, Management & Backend Optimization (including SEO)
  • Creation of a Web Design System for use in WordPress, Marketo
  • Multi-site consolidation
  • Analytics Optimization and transition to GA4
  • Landing Page streamlining & heatmap analysis
  • Marketo Email templates


Over my time at Moogsoft, I increased internal and external adoption of brand though various efforts.

  • Rebuilt brand guidelines (improved on base provided by previous Director)
  • Built brand new specific guidelines for designers and creative contractors
  • Creation of an Internal Brand Kit to increase internal adoption
  • Creation of Resource and Video Repositories for internal use
  • Web Redesign, Management & Backend Optimization (including SEO)
  • Brand Identity Refinement
  • Media Kit Creation


    At Moogsoft, I was the primary person responsible for the creation of all marketing collateral and creating a cohesive branded look across all assets. This included the creation of technical documents (ebooks, whitepapers, reports and infographics), social media presence, edited promotional videos, created swag, mockups and graphics for events.


    Working with multiple media agencies, I helped implement new paid media approaches and creatives for varied campaigns that included:

    • Product messaging
    • New offerings
    • Educational site content
    • Webinars
    • Time-sensitive campaigns

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