AavantiBio, Inc. is an early-stage gene therapy start-up focused on rare disease. Founded by professors at the University of Florida, the company’s primary goal is to help patients and move forward genetic medicine.

I joined the company early-on, and provided the founders with full creative support, management and brand guidance, leading to a $107M Series A Funding Round. The brand I created was a clean, clear design that could be used on multiple platforms, including investor decks, stationary, promotional materials, and internal documentation. It evokes a feeling of calm, professionalism, and patient-focused clarity.

[update for 2022: AavantiBio is now a part of Solid Biosciences]


  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity Creation
  • Website Creation and UX Design


  • Primary Logo and Brand Identity (2018-2020)
  • Website & Media Set-Up
    • Hosting through Google
    • Website through Wix
    • Facebook Set-Up
    • LinkedIn Set-Up
    • Email Set-Up through Google
    • SEO Optimization
  • Pitch Deck & Collateral leading to $107M Series A
  • Conference Presentations and Scientific Illustrations


I designed the Aavanti website to emphasize;

  • clinical patient education
  • multiple available resources
  • gene therapy information
  • scientific expertise

The design was created with both desktop and mobile optimization in mind. This base for the site also allowed for expansions including events, media and investor-specific materials. Each page was made with a templated approach, making expansion by future designers more streamlined.

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